Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Ocean Adification Project website

Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Ocean Acidification Project website. Many of you have  contributed to the recently published CSIRO Marine Report Card – thank you for all your contributions.  This site is a continuation of the work started in July 2011 to support coordination of ocean acidification research and policy development. The aim is to enable rapid information exchange amongst OA researchers and policy developers of new research findings, relevant events, ongoing research project and other information considered useful. There is growing awareness in the wider community of ocean acidification as a problem associated with increasing atmospheric CO2.  The ANZOAP site can aid in further raising this awareness.  We encourage posts written in plain english so that readers outside of the OA science community can understand the critical issues. If you have suggestions for additions to the website, please make them by comment or email me directly.  This is intended as a community website so input and assistance to improve the site are very welcome.



ANZOAP Coordinator


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