New MEPS theme section ‘Biological responses in an anthropogenically modified ocean’

Check out the recently published ocean acidification theme section in Marine Ecology Progress Series (open access). Edited by Phillip Boyd NIWA, the section comprises 8 papers considering various impacts of OA in the context of Multiple Environmental Drivers (MED’s).

Direct effects of ocean acidification (red) and ocean warming (blue) on Fe chemistry in seawater from Hoffmann et al.

Paper Titles

1/     Understanding the responses of ocean biota to a complex matrix of cumulative anthropogenic change Boyd PW, Hutchins DA 2/     Environmental controls on coccolithophore calcification Raven JA, Crawfurd K 3/     Responses of marine primary producers to interactions between ocean acidification, solar radiation,and warming. Gao K, Helbling EW, Häder DP, Hutchins DA 4/     Influence of ocean warming and acidification on trace metal biogeochemistry. Hoffmann LJ, Breitbak E, Boyd PW, Hunter KA 5/     Global change and the future of harmful algal blooms in the ocean.  Fu FX, Tatters AO, Hutchins DA [Does this mean we will have more of these????  ]   6/     Phytoplankton niches, traits and eco-evolutionary responses to global environmental change. Litchman E, Edwards KF, Klausmeier CA,Thomas MK 7/     The biological pump in a high CO2 world. Passow U, Carlson CA 8/     Integrating climate-related stressor effects on marine organisms: unifying principles linking molecule to ecosystem-level changes.  Pörtner HO

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